About Us

Our Story

Established in 2016, Shooting Stars Nursery is built of the passion and dedication of its staff. Nabila Kamran, the founder of Shooting Stars, has a deep rooted passion in childcare and development with a degree in education. We are a family ran business with the care of the children put as upmost priority.

Our Mission

Our mission at Shooting Stars Nursery is to create a nurturing, inclusive, and stimulating environment where every child feels valued and inspired to learn. We are dedicated to fostering the individual growth, confidence, and resilience of each child through play, exploration, and high-quality early education. By creating little stars, we aim to guide children in developing a lifelong love of learning, respect for others, and the foundational skills necessary for future success. Partnering with families and the community, we support each child’s unique journey, ensuring they shine brightly in all their endeavours.